2014The Soph-isticate: 2014


The Artistic Blazer

This is the kind of blazer that attracts all the eyes in the room. It's like someone just took a paintbrush and, with a few strokes, changed how we think about fashion entirely. Inspiring. I also love the turtleneck styled underneath - it adds another layer to the creative, asymmetrical design.
 photo 883965963111__PRODUCT_01--IMG_2000--PATCHWORKGRUNGEBLAZER--173365150.jpg
3.1 Phillip Lim Patchwork Grunge Blazer


WDYGT: Puzzle Piece Choker

I'm always looking for unique, quirky pieces. Not necessarily showy statement pieces, but a necklace or t-shirt or bag or whatever that just makes you go, "That's so rad, where did you get that?" And this puzzle piece choker from J.W. Anderson's Spring 2015 collection is SO. FUCKING. RAD.

 photo j-w-anderson-rtw-ss-2015-backstage-05.jpg

You can literally wear a paper bag with this, and you would still look cool. I love the way J.W. Anderson changed the simplest things to fit his vision of individual style, like oversized and mismatched buttons on coats or huge floppy black hats that shield your face. The magic is in the details. Now I need to figure out a way I can DIY this $500 detail..

Photos via Digital Fashion Platform


October Laundry List

Getting in the Halloween spirit with scary movies and hot (spiked) cider, even though it feels like the peak of summer in L.A. I'm sure this movie is ridiculous (have you seen the trailer?), but I've always had a fascination with Ouija boards, so it's on my list.  photo OctoberLaundry.jpg Watch: Ouija 
Read: Yes Please by Amy Poehler
Listen: NPR's "Serial" podcast


Street Style Done Right

Sitting in this heavily air conditioned office on a Monday afternoon, and this woman captures everything that I want right now. A sleeping bag coat, bright lipstick and an exaggerated accessory. In the words of Diana Vreeland, why don't you... wear a funny eye patch?

 photo 10_09_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW.jpg
Paris Fashion Week Spring 2015 street style by Tommy Ton


The Coolness That is Kirsten Dunst & Tavi Gevinson

The best kind of videos, in my opinion, make you want to conquer the world. Or, at the very least, inspire you to do more of what you love. Well, these two do that for me. Tavi Gevinson is one of my favorite people because she's honest, smart, humble, and she keeps a journal, so naturally I get excited about anything involving her. Like how I bought Nylon today after spying her face on the cover, and I haven't read Nylon since I subscribed to it in high school. How cool is her self-help wall? Kirsten Dunst is another one of my favorites. From The Virgin Suicides to Elizabethtown (and, of course, Bring it On), she's the quirky, confident role model you always wanted. Plus, she totally embraces her imperfect teeth.

Looking for even more inspiration? Watch this TED talk on body language for that you can do anything feeling (thanks for the tip, Grace).


September Laundry List

The girly things I'm up to this month..
 photo September14Laundry.jpg
Watch: Magic in the Moonlight
Read: Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham
Drink: Grapefruit Cocktail
Create: Embroidered T-Shirt
Listen: Banks, Goddess


Baby Got Back(pack)

I can't believe it's already mid-September (okay, almost October) aand fashion month. This summer has been a whirlwind, and I'm excited to get back into the swing of things. Even though, for me, fall no longer means back-to-school, it still signifies a fresh start. This is especially relevant right now, as I write this in my brand new apartment. On to new beginnings, new projects, new ideas..

Even though I'm no longer in school (confession: the nerd in me really misses long lectures on Moby Dick and reading James Baldwin for the first time), it doesn't mean I'm not thinking about back-to-school shopping. Which brings me to this mint satin backpack, by Phillip Lim, of course. It can be yours for a cool $750.. who needs new clothes when there's this beautiful thing? Hm?

 photo AF14-B015SAT_MINT_HERO_0.jpg



"I had no proof that I had the stuff to be an artist, though I hungered to be one."

Patti Smith.


To Be Camille Rowe

That is my new life goal. Who is Camille Rowe, you ask? Stop everything and click here. Okay, why do I want to be Camille Rowe (other than the fact that she transcends the 'model' paradigm by not taking herself too seriously and looking more like a vintage French icon than a glossy VS model)? This video.

C'est tout.


I-D Summer 2014

I picked up the latest issue of I-D in Barnes & Noble the other day, after drooling at every page, and it just reminded me of how rare that feeling is these days. I'll always enjoy the OG fashion bibles (albeit, on more of a surface level), but there are few magazines that actually excite me and leave me inspired. I've never bought or even fully read an issue of I-D, which is pretty surprising considering my compulsive glossy obsession, so I can't wait to read this one cover to cover. This makeup ed is pure GOLD.

 photo gxl_5373a3f6-c284-4399-b019-46560a771fd0.jpg  photo gxl_5373a3ce-66bc-425a-ab65-46520a771fd0.jpg  photo gxl_5373a40d-596c-458b-9fd1-46510a771fd0.jpg  photo gxl_5373a353-9848-4fe7-86c3-46540a771fd0.jpg  photo gxl_5373a3b7-5cf0-4d85-b20d-46540a771fd0.jpg  photo gxl_5373a3df-682c-4cd9-84a6-46540a771fd0.jpg  photo gxl_5373a33c-f188-442b-aea2-46540a771fd0.jpg  photo gxl_5373a369-34f0-4fcb-8173-58ee0a771fd0.jpg Photos via The Fashionography

Juliana Schurig and Carla Ciffoni, photographed by Nick Dorey.


Freja Does RUSSH

 photo Freja.jpg

My favorite model and my favorite magazine, all wrapped up in one pretty package?! I literally can't wait to get my hands on the June/July issue of RUSSH, with the glowing and cheerful Freja Beha Erichsen on the cover. The only problem is that U.S. newsstands are so behind, they're still stocking the Jan/Feb issue. If I ever reach the kind of rich that only people who import in caviar for their weeknight dinners can brag about, I'll fly in my favorite international magazines fresh off the press (namely, Lula and RUSSH). A girl can dream..


Camille Rowe for So It Goes

 photo5572_02_GA_SOITGOES_S02_011_V2.jpg  photo 5572_03_GA_SOITGOES_S07_050_V2A.jpg  photo 5572_04_GA_SOITGOES_S08_135_V2.jpg  photo 5572_05_GA_SOITGOES_S09_197_V2.jpg  photo 5572_06_GA_SOITGOES_S10_145_V3-copy.jpg  photo 5572_07_GA_SOITGOES_S12_043_V2.jpg  photo 5572_08_GA_SOITGOES_S14_114_V2.jpg  photo 5572_10_GA_SOITGOES_S06_096_V3-copy.jpg  photo 5572_11_GA_SOITGOES_S04_084-_V1.jpg  photo 5572_13_GA_SOITGOES_S03_090_V1A.jpg  photo 5572_14_GA_SOITGOES_S05_149_V1.jpg  photo 5572_15_GA_SOITGOES_S06_131_V1A.jpg  photo 5572_16_GA_SOITGOES_S07_004_V1A.jpg  photo 5572_17_GA_SOITGOES_S13_010_V3A-copy.jpg  photo 5572_18_GA_SOITGOES_S15_129_V2-copy.jpg
One of my favorite editorials so far this year. Camille Rowe shot by Guy Aroch for So it Goes Magazine. Isn't she stunning? Follow her on Instagram here. I need that Oui/Non shirt..



These Zara high-tops really make me miss hip hop. I need to take a class soon - dancing's my yoga.


May Laundry List

 photo MayLaundry.jpg
Watch: Palo Alto
Read: Let's Just Say it Wasn't Pretty (I met Diane Keaton at a book signing this weekend and can say with certainty, she is every bit as amazing as you would imagine. More on that later..)
Drink: Blood Orange Margarita...Pitchers!
Create: DIY Natural Powdered Blush
Listen: Sam Smith, In the Lonely Hour (I'm convinced he's part angel.)


April Links

I dropped the ball on April's laundry list (busy turning 23?), so in it's place, here's a list of links that fed me this past month.

 photo 61250009.jpg

Seriously worth the (short) read if you're at all into writing..
The Ultimate Guide to Writing Better Than You Normally Do

Because we're all curious..
The Camera-Wielding Boyfriends Behind Fashion's Most Famous Bloggers

Tavi and Miley in a room together? Go on..
Miley Cyrus Opens Up to Tavi Gevinson About Heartbreak, Sex, and Feminism

Fascinating read about how we filter fashion..
Fashion in the Age of Instagram

It might as well be Christmas morning..
How to Get Hair Like the Olsen Twins - Tips Straight from Mary-Kate and Ashley

Wise words from an icon of our time..
Patti Smith's Advice on Life

Indie and intimate shots of some cool kids..
Director Gia Coppola Photographs the Young, Hot Cast of her Debut Film, Palo Alto


Cheap Wall Art

I've been slowly adding more photos to the mood bard part of my bedroom wall. It feels refreshing to put seemingly random pictures next to other pictures, so long as each of them means something to me. Deep thoughts about collaging at 9 a.m. (I love that she's looking at Patti Smith here.)

Photos via Boots & Pine, Horses Atelier


Maison Labiche

I first heard about Maison Labiche a couple years ago through Garance (thanks for always introducing me to the cool things, Garance). Friends Jenny and Marie started the Paris-based company in 2010, embroidering soft cotton t-shirts with names of iconic people and phrases they find inspiring. Since then, they've expanded into shirts with embroidered hand gestures and album art, and even a kids line. And the best part is that you can now place custom orders on their website. Très cool, no? Leave it to the French to design the most simple, unique, and covetable closet staple. On a more affordable note, I want to DIY my own sewn tee for Coachella this year. Now I just have to think up the perfect slogan...

 photo 1921221_672168229517072_819477213_o.jpg  photo 8-xxl.jpg  photo 7-xxl.jpg  photo 14-xxl.jpg  photo 115-xxl.jpg
 photo 11370c4f13782be96e960080183a2301-1.jpg


Sunday Succulents

I love a lazy weekend, but recently I've been trying to devote some down time to apartment decorating and cleaning, since there's little time for it during the week. My sister is an expert when it comes to decor DIYs, so we had a succulent day not too long ago, which involved painting flower pots and re-planting some store-bought plants. The perfect thing for my minimalist, mostly white room (succulents are perfect for indoor spaces).

 photo IMG_1585.jpg  photo IMG_1599.jpg  photo IMG_1601.jpg

Read my article on the DIY HERE.


 photo denim.jpg
I've been on the hunt for a classic, quality denim jacket for.. well, forever. I'm petite, so I've never been able to find one at a thrift store that doesn't make me look like I came out of the '80s (not a bad look, just not what I'm going for). You can imagine my excitement when I stumbled across this treasure in J.Crew a few weeks ago. How great is their petite sizing?? While it's not exactly cheap, I just couldn't pass up such a perfect staple.

February Laundry List

 photo FebruaryLaundry.jpg
Watch: Oldboy (I'll really watch anything with Elizabeth Olsen) 
Read: Man Repeller: Seeking Love, Finding Overalls 
Eat: This (Actually every meal pictured. I'm such a foodie, and a sucker for pretty pics) 
Create: Cutoffs 
Listen: The Glitch Mob, Love Death Immortality