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April Links

I dropped the ball on April's laundry list (busy turning 23?), so in it's place, here's a list of links that fed me this past month.

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Seriously worth the (short) read if you're at all into writing..
The Ultimate Guide to Writing Better Than You Normally Do

Because we're all curious..
The Camera-Wielding Boyfriends Behind Fashion's Most Famous Bloggers

Tavi and Miley in a room together? Go on..
Miley Cyrus Opens Up to Tavi Gevinson About Heartbreak, Sex, and Feminism

Fascinating read about how we filter fashion..
Fashion in the Age of Instagram

It might as well be Christmas morning..
How to Get Hair Like the Olsen Twins - Tips Straight from Mary-Kate and Ashley

Wise words from an icon of our time..
Patti Smith's Advice on Life

Indie and intimate shots of some cool kids..
Director Gia Coppola Photographs the Young, Hot Cast of her Debut Film, Palo Alto

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