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To-Do List • March 2015

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Watch: Broad City (how am I just now watching this show? these two are brilliant.)
Read: The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan
Cook: Vegan Kale and Artichoke Dip from Love & Lemons
Make: Patched denim jacket
Go: Long Beach Flea Market
Listen: How Was Your Week podcast with Julie Klausner


Patch Project

The next best thing to a vintage band tee? A patched jacket. I want to DIY my own, either with an oversized denim jacket or army button-down. New goal: frequent more flea markets. I spotted some vintage patches at the Melrose Trading Post a few weeks ago. Etsy and eBay are also goldmines for this kind of thing.

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Some of my favorite patches here, here, here, and here.


Cool Human: Jeanne Damas

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At the risk of sounding like a total cliché, I've always had a thing for the French. Their habit of spending Sundays drinking wine for hours over interesting conversation, their eye makeup tattooed from last night. Their certainty about how to live, how to be happy. All I mean is that it's nice to see people simply living their lives without the constant need to try out every new workout, cleanse, and beauty product under the sun to feel their best. The French lifestyle makes our work until your legs stop working mentality seem a little ridiculous. I studied abroad in Paris a few years ago (still can't believe I took these photos before I knew who Emmanuelle Alt was!), and while it was one of the most difficult semesters of my college experience, I can't deny I fell in love with the city.

I fell in love with the people, too. Maybe it was the allure of a foreign language, but nearly everyone seemed to have this great sense of self (there were exceptions, of course). They knew what they liked, and that was that. It's that confidence that makes some of these French girls so cool. Caroline de Maigret, Lou Doillon, Carine Roitfeld, Jeanne Damas. Jeanne is my latest go-to for inspiration of the life and style variety. Her outfits are so imperfectly French and her photo diary makes me want to get up and go. Anywhere. Or smear on red lipstick, stay in with friends and laugh until it hurts.

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"When I don't know what to wear for a night out, I always wear some high-wasted jeans, a fluid top and high heels."

See my style feature on Jeanne here.

Photos via Jeanne Damas, Stockholm Street Style, The Coveteur


Pinterest Pairings

I love when things fall into place. Like these two photos from my Pinterest pins page that just so happen to look great together. Not completely random, obviously, because it all boils down to a certain aesthetic, but sometimes certain images make so much sense together. The little things, right? I posted another Pinterest pairing here.

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More eye porn here.


Safety Pin Style

The safety pin. It's so much more than a last-minute wardrobe malfunction fix (marketing slogan?). I've been noticing people wearing those huge ones in street style photos lately, and it makes me wonder.. where do I get one? Nick Wooster, the king of men's style - scratch that, the king of style - fastens them to his shirt collars. Such a cool signature look. (By the way, I'm so enthralled with all things Nickelson Wooster. Yes, that's his full name.) And then when I saw this photo of a woman at fashion week wearing these big safety pin earrings, I realized, how genius, you can wear them wherever you want and still look downright classy. It's all about how you wear them. Behold.

 photo nick-wooster-hero.jpg
Nick Wooster via

 photo safetypin.jpg
Nick Wooster's safety pin collection / Street style via Tommy Ton

A-household-object-turned-punk-pin-turned-sophisticated-accessory. The safety pin is the greatest thing since sliced bread quinoa.
Shop pins here, here, and here. I read that Nick Wooster first started buying his at RTH Shop in L.A.


February Laundry List

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Watch: Boyhood
Read: Diana Vreeland Memos: The Vogue Years
Cook: Savoury Muffins with Salmon, Cream Cheese and Pesto
Create: Margiela Lamps
Listen: Entity, Oscar and the Wolf

P.s. I just found the Diana Vreeland Memos book for $12 (twelve dollars?!) at the Kitson outlet in L.A. I had to ask to make sure I wasn't crazy. Meant to be? I think so.


Today's Mood

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Coffee, books, and a cozy knit. I love these high-tops so much, I wish I knew where she got them. Actually pretty in love with her whole outfit. She's French, of course. There's something so refreshing about seeing such a candid, unassuming street style photo of someone who has great style but isn't involved in any of the fashion week stuff. Makes me want to clean out my closet and save up for all the 'so worth it' staples.

Photos via Vanessa Jackman


New Year, New Style

 photo 21-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style-03.jpg

When scrolling through street style photos is part of your job, the all-to-familiar subjects all begin to look the same. These two, however, are completely killing it with their unique styles and don't mess with me mugs. Coat caping, though, has got to go.

Photo via


The Artistic Blazer

This is the kind of blazer that attracts all the eyes in the room. It's like someone just took a paintbrush and, with a few strokes, changed how we think about fashion entirely. Inspiring. I also love the turtleneck styled underneath - it adds another layer to the creative, asymmetrical design.
 photo 883965963111__PRODUCT_01--IMG_2000--PATCHWORKGRUNGEBLAZER--173365150.jpg
3.1 Phillip Lim Patchwork Grunge Blazer


WDYGT: Puzzle Piece Choker

I'm always looking for unique, quirky pieces. Not necessarily showy statement pieces, but a necklace or t-shirt or bag or whatever that just makes you go, "That's so rad, where did you get that?" And this puzzle piece choker from J.W. Anderson's Spring 2015 collection is SO. FUCKING. RAD.

 photo j-w-anderson-rtw-ss-2015-backstage-05.jpg

You can literally wear a paper bag with this, and you would still look cool. I love the way J.W. Anderson changed the simplest things to fit his vision of individual style, like oversized and mismatched buttons on coats or huge floppy black hats that shield your face. The magic is in the details. Now I need to figure out a way I can DIY this $500 detail..

Photos via Digital Fashion Platform