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"I had no proof that I had the stuff to be an artist, though I hungered to be one."

Patti Smith.


To Be Camille Rowe

That is my new life goal. Who is Camille Rowe, you ask? Stop everything and click here. Okay, why do I want to be Camille Rowe (other than the fact that she transcends the 'model' paradigm by not taking herself too seriously and looking more like a vintage French icon than a glossy VS model)? This video.

C'est tout.


I-D Summer 2014

I picked up the latest issue of I-D in Barnes & Noble the other day, after drooling at every page, and it just reminded me of how rare that feeling is these days. I'll always enjoy the OG fashion bibles (albeit, on more of a surface level), but there are few magazines that actually excite me and leave me inspired. I've never bought or even fully read an issue of I-D, which is pretty surprising considering my compulsive glossy obsession, so I can't wait to read this one cover to cover. This makeup ed is pure GOLD.

 photo gxl_5373a3f6-c284-4399-b019-46560a771fd0.jpg  photo gxl_5373a3ce-66bc-425a-ab65-46520a771fd0.jpg  photo gxl_5373a40d-596c-458b-9fd1-46510a771fd0.jpg  photo gxl_5373a353-9848-4fe7-86c3-46540a771fd0.jpg  photo gxl_5373a3b7-5cf0-4d85-b20d-46540a771fd0.jpg  photo gxl_5373a3df-682c-4cd9-84a6-46540a771fd0.jpg  photo gxl_5373a33c-f188-442b-aea2-46540a771fd0.jpg  photo gxl_5373a369-34f0-4fcb-8173-58ee0a771fd0.jpg Photos via The Fashionography

Juliana Schurig and Carla Ciffoni, photographed by Nick Dorey.


Freja Does RUSSH

 photo Freja.jpg

My favorite model and my favorite magazine, all wrapped up in one pretty package?! I literally can't wait to get my hands on the June/July issue of RUSSH, with the glowing and cheerful Freja Beha Erichsen on the cover. The only problem is that U.S. newsstands are so behind, they're still stocking the Jan/Feb issue. If I ever reach the kind of rich that only people who import in caviar for their weeknight dinners can brag about, I'll fly in my favorite international magazines fresh off the press (namely, Lula and RUSSH). A girl can dream..


Camille Rowe for So It Goes

 photo5572_02_GA_SOITGOES_S02_011_V2.jpg  photo 5572_03_GA_SOITGOES_S07_050_V2A.jpg  photo 5572_04_GA_SOITGOES_S08_135_V2.jpg  photo 5572_05_GA_SOITGOES_S09_197_V2.jpg  photo 5572_06_GA_SOITGOES_S10_145_V3-copy.jpg  photo 5572_07_GA_SOITGOES_S12_043_V2.jpg  photo 5572_08_GA_SOITGOES_S14_114_V2.jpg  photo 5572_10_GA_SOITGOES_S06_096_V3-copy.jpg  photo 5572_11_GA_SOITGOES_S04_084-_V1.jpg  photo 5572_13_GA_SOITGOES_S03_090_V1A.jpg  photo 5572_14_GA_SOITGOES_S05_149_V1.jpg  photo 5572_15_GA_SOITGOES_S06_131_V1A.jpg  photo 5572_16_GA_SOITGOES_S07_004_V1A.jpg  photo 5572_17_GA_SOITGOES_S13_010_V3A-copy.jpg  photo 5572_18_GA_SOITGOES_S15_129_V2-copy.jpg
One of my favorite editorials so far this year. Camille Rowe shot by Guy Aroch for So it Goes Magazine. Isn't she stunning? Follow her on Instagram here. I need that Oui/Non shirt..



These Zara high-tops really make me miss hip hop. I need to take a class soon - dancing's my yoga.


May Laundry List

 photo MayLaundry.jpg
Watch: Palo Alto
Read: Let's Just Say it Wasn't Pretty (I met Diane Keaton at a book signing this weekend and can say with certainty, she is every bit as amazing as you would imagine. More on that later..)
Drink: Blood Orange Margarita...Pitchers!
Create: DIY Natural Powdered Blush
Listen: Sam Smith, In the Lonely Hour (I'm convinced he's part angel.)