January 2014The Soph-isticate: January 2014


Happy Accident

I love it when things just fall into place. Kind of like how these four random photos I've pinned over the last few days actually make so much crazy sense together. I noticed the string of common colors after reading this great Rookie article by Sarah Sophie Flicker on creative vision. How serendipitous..

 photo pinterestcollage.jpg

Did you know that those objects in the bottom left picture are actually painted-copper cuffs from Céline's Spring 2014 collection? Amazing, right? I thought they were old paint cans at first glance. Go team Philo.


Shore Leave

I know this editorial is kind of old news, but I still can't get over it. Freja Beha is one of my favorite models. She pulls off the wavy bedhead with bangs, nonchalant rugged look amazingly well. Even her tattoos are cool (that float tatt on her neck? So good). I love how carefree, happy, and real she looks in this editorial. All while wearing Nike slip-ons that ranked high on the hotlist for a minute in the '90s. She just has this effortless, soulful air about her that you don't get with many models.

 photo freja-beha-erichsen-vogue-uk-january-2014-1.jpg  photo freja-beha-erichsen-vogue-uk-january-2014-2.jpg  photo freja-beha-erichsen-vogue-uk-january-2014-3.jpg  photo freja-beha-erichsen-vogue-uk-january-2014-5.jpg  photo freja-beha-erichsen-vogue-uk-january-2014-6.jpg  photo freja-beha-erichsen-vogue-uk-january-2014-7.jpg  photo freja-beha-erichsen-vogue-uk-january-2014-11.jpg  photo freja-beha-erichsen-vogue-uk-january-2014-9.jpg  photo freja-beha-erichsen-vogue-uk-january-2014-12.jpg

British Vogue, January 2014. Shot by Cass Bird.


The Composition Notebook

I think this planner was made for me. Growing up, I devoured books like chocolate and wrote in journals until my wrist hurt. The inkblot covers of composition notebooks would always catch my eye, like they were just waiting for me to crack them open. I also had a HUGE thing for Marissa Moss' Amelia books, due in large part to the classic covers, handwriting font, and, of course, the whole journal aspect. To this day, I often find myself in the notebook/paper section of any store, even if I'm looking for something completely unrelated, like a lint roller.

WHICH IS WHY I'm pretty obsessed with this planner, masked to look like a composition notebook slash top secret journal. Created by the Dutch duo behind Els & Nel, the Weekly Journal 2014 has a hard cover, graph paper pages (I love writing on graph paper), and a pull-out big-picture calendar. Oh, and there are only 500 copies in the world. Need I say more?

 photo Weekly-Journal-2014_1.jpg  photo Weekly-Journal-2014_3-1.jpg  photo WeeklyJournal2014_7_750.jpg  photo Weekly-Journal-2014_5.png  photo WeeklyJournal2014_6_750.jpg

Get yours here.


Chloe Pre-Fall 2014

I love everything about this collection, from the delicious fall color palette to the pointe shoe-like pumps. If I were lucky enough to be clad in Chloé come fall, I would never take off that embroidered red, white and blue check coat (image #5). Ever. And those shoes just look insanely comfortable. If only I could borrow the massive wool, fur-patched winter coat (image #9) for my trip to New York, aka the polar vortex, next week. Really, the only turnoff of this collection is that one of the models looks like she hasn't slept or eaten in weeks. One of the (many) reasons why I could never be a model.

 photo Chloeacute-Pre-Fall-2014-10.jpg  photo Chloeacute-Pre-Fall-2014-1.jpg  photo Chloeacute-Pre-Fall-2014-2.jpg  photo Chloeacute-Pre-Fall-2014-3.jpg  photo Chloeacute-Pre-Fall-2014-4.jpg  photo Chloeacute-Pre-Fall-2014-6.jpg  photo Chloeacute-Pre-Fall-2014-7.jpg  photo Chloeacute-Pre-Fall-2014-8.jpg  photo Chloeacute-Pre-Fall-2014-9.jpg  photo Chloeacute-Pre-Fall-2014-11.jpg  photo Chloeacute-Pre-Fall-2014-12.jpg  photo Chloeacute-Pre-Fall-2014-13.jpg  photo Chloeacute-Pre-Fall-2014-14.jpg  photo Chloeacute-Pre-Fall-2014-15.jpg  photo Chloeacute-Pre-Fall-2014-17.jpg