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Gift Guide: The Stylish Lit Lover

It's a little late for Christmas shopping, but I still wouldn't say no to any of these gifts. For Christmas, for a birthday, for a Wednesday... The literature lover often gets left behind in gift guides, and being an English major, I have a certain penchant for all things wordy (and nerdy). So have at it.
 photo litgifts.jpg

Ginsberg is God Merino Wool Sweater, Bella Freud / The Vintage Tote Bag, Whipping + Post, / Jane Eyre Embroidered Clutch, Olympia Le-Tan / Santal 26 Vintage Candle, Le Labo / New York Times Logo T-Shirt, Altru / Book Journal, Ex Libris Anonymous / Poetry Pouch, Marie Marot / Diana Vreeland Memos, Anthropologie / Durand Glasses, Warby Parker

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Stay Hungry

Some post-Thanksgiving advice from the late Steve Jobs. Stay hungry, stay foolish. Hungry for life and turkey and gravy sandwiches. Mmm I love the holidays. Have a great weekend!


The Making of a Mood Board

I've always been enamored with mood boards because (1) they reveal a little about where the makers get their creative spark and (2) they make me want to feverishly flip through magazines and start collaging like crazy. And evidently, talk like a pre-teen girl. Pass me the washi tape.

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Cheeky Collar

Ever since I saw Danielle of We Wore What wearing this Reformation top, I've been obsessed. Unfortunately it's sold out, but here's hoping they'll get more back in stock. There's really something to be said for blunt delivery.

 photo fuckoff.jpg


These Streets Will Make You Feel Brand New

Around the time I started collecting stacks on stacks of magazines and realizing that I wanted to work in fashion, I formed this dream of moving to New York. Sound familiar? Yeah, well, I guess it's a cliché for a reason. New York has occupied my mind on a daily basis since high school, like a crush you can't stop thinking about. Except now it's more like a love affair. After years and years of daydreaming, I finally made the trip to the city that never sleeps. My only regret of the visit is that I slept too much. But it was incredible, just as I'd imagined. Leaving wasn't easy, but I can't stay away for too long. Street lights, big dreams, all lookin' pretty. Jay's not kidding.

Brick buildings, crisp air, Central Park, fall leaves, BOMB FRICKIN BAGELS. What's not to love?


That Girl: Kate Foley

You know when you see that same stylish woman in street style photos, on blogs, etc. and she always looks incredible? And eventually you start thinking, 'who is that girl??' Well Kate Foley is one of those women. Her outfits are always spot-on, unique, and terribly chic.

 photo katefoley3.jpg

She's a New York transplant from England and got her start in the fashion industry working as a stylist. She became a buyer for Opening Ceremony, stayed on for three and a half years, and recently left the boutique to focus on freelance styling.

 photo katefoley.jpg

In an Elle interview from September, she spoke about sourcing product for OC. "The way we buy is different from the way other stores buy: It’s very emotional, and we’re willing to take chances. I don’t work with any specifications in mind when I’m looking for new brands. I just buy what I love."

 photo katefoley2_edited-2.jpg

I love her style because it's never predictable. She leans towards quirky and always pairs it with a red lip. Oh, and she can pull off a full skirt like no other. Finally, she much prefers a white dress over the LBD (she owns 25!). Wish you could raid her closet (or be her best friend)? Yeah, me too.


She's Got IT

 photo 1043704.jpg  photo 121pi1h.jpg  photo 121vh8w.jpg  photo 2dwdj7.jpg  photo 64ngp0.jpg  photo 20ozcy.jpg  photo Elizabeth-Olsen-Dazed-Confused-Angelo-Pennetta-04.jpg  photo Elizabeth-Olsen-Dazed-Confused-Angelo-Pennetta-09.jpg  photo 30dgzlg.jpg

“My dad always says, ‘Beat your last best score, and don’t worry about the person who beat you. Be the best you can be and don’t compare yourself to someone else.’”

She's smart, stunning, humble, talented, and driven. Yeah, she's pretty cool.



How cool is this clutch from Pixie Market? Forget about arm parties, I would happily carry around an ant party any day. The title of this post is an acronym for 'where did you get that,' which is what I would immediately ask if I saw someone carrying this fANTastic bag. Ha.

* Of course it's sold out when this post goes live. I still think it needs to be seen.


After the Break...

 photo ImBack.jpg
I've been away for a little bit, thanks to post-graduation chaos. Now, with a mostly-furnished apartment and new job, I'm ready to dive back into blogging. I'm planning on doing a little redesigning (with my dusty coding skills) while I roll out new posts about tastemakers, unique products, and inspiring things to look at. Woo get excited!


Closet Stories

Clothes paint a person with personality, but what stories lie within each piece?

 photo vintageboots2-1.jpg

These boots were made for walking. Literally. They have taken me through the cobblestone streets of Paris twice over, on treacherous moped rides in Italy, and from class to class in pouring rain. They’re wrinkled, worn, and slouching in stature, and I couldn’t love them more. Little did I know, when I ordered them off a random Canadian website in high school, they would become my most badass boots for years to come. As badass as boots without zippers or studs can be... Back then, I wore them with black tights and a gray mini dress to proudly combat the we-wear-uggs-and-look-smug attitude among the Abercrombie-clad girls at my school. Whenever anyone asked where I got them, I proudly proclaimed, “they’re vintage!” Sans sheepskin AND anonymous? Clearly, I thought I was cutting-edge.

I brought them with me on my trip to Europe junior year, hoping they would camouflage me as a local (they didn’t). I packed maybe one other pair of shoes, as the boots went with everything, and even if they didn’t… well, I wore them anyway. When I moved to Los Angeles for college, I stuffed them in my suitcase without thinking twice, although judging from the fact that I also took my entire closet with me, I wasn't concerned with practicality. I lived for the cold(er) months, when I could happily retrieve them from the back of my closet and walk to my lit class feeling all bookish and cool. One time in the cafeteria, my friend commented that I looked really “East Coast” that day, in my boots, jeans, and green military jacket. Apparently she actually thought I was from the East Coast, despite having known me for a year, but that’s beside the point (I’m from Seattle). Needless to say, I have always been drawn to New York and Europe, so maybe that’s how this affinity for scuffed boots came about.

After taking them to a cobbler to veil the wear and tear, I gladly stuffed them in my suitcase once again for my study abroad in Paris. You would think by then I had invested in a new pair of boots, like some really slick black ones, but I never did. I figured I would find some cool Euro ones in a hidden hole-in-the-wall shop, but I also never did (at least not any that bore a price tag I could get on board with). So, I wore my boots everywhere. Seriously, everywhere. I wore them while climbing the Eiffel Tower, getting lost in the Louvre, and gallivanting from metro to bar to crepe stand to bar and back again. And guess what? I never got a blister. There was a horrible ingrown toenail incident, but the cause is unrelated. Granted, I didn’t look nearly as chic as the French women draped in A.P.C. and Maje, but hey, those boots got me from point A to point D, and they do have a little European swag, no? I often paired them with black tights, a black skirt, and a leather jacket. C’etait chic (or so I thought).

As I write this now, my boots are in the back of my closet again, waiting for the next chilly day, which in Los Angeles, will be in about six months or so. This isn't so terrible, because if they could talk, they'd probably say, "we're beat."


Rag & Bone Resort

Rag & Bone will forever be known as the name behind that. red. coat. (in my head, anyway.) But seriously, just look at it. The rich color, the thickness, the zippers that serve as a bold and beautiful statement but also function as a means for versatility. Clearly, I'm in love. The rest of the resort collection is kind of amazing too, though. The burgundy velvet blazer and tapered pants... Diane Kruger, anyone? And that warehouse...


June Laundry List

With graduation now behind me, and too many blank pages in my planner, I've decided to start a little list of what I want to watch, read, eat, create, and listen to each month. Cliched? Maybe, but I figure it's a great way to share my picks while also using the post as an incentive to actually accomplish the things I always say I'm going to.

Watch: Frances Ha 


Magazine Archives

 photo Sophie_0016.jpg  photo SurfnTurf.jpg  photo Sophie_0008.jpg  photo Sophie_0017.jpg
Just some old scans I found while digging through my Google Docs. My magazine collection is so extensive that I finally decided to start a scrapbook with my favorite page tears a while back (material for a future post..). Yes, I am so addicted to magazines that the only way I can part with them is to keep my favorite parts.


How to Wear: Beanies

Excuse the bold statement, but people who wear beanies just emanate cool. Even (maybe especially) in the summertime. I would rock these two looks any day...  photo BeanieOutfit1.jpg
ASOS Beanie, French Connection Jacket, Zara Sandals, Obesity and Speed Shorts, Fossil Watch, STAMPD T-Shirt, La Perla Bra

 photo BeanieOutfit2.jpg Topshop Beanie, Topshop Bag, ASOS ID Bracelet, Superga Sneakers, Splendid T-Shirt, Free People Dress


Smitten With...

 photo RagBoneMotoShorts-1.jpg
Shorts with swag


AllSaints Aced It

How incredible is AllSaint's Spring '13 collection?? Sometimes I walk into the store just to look at the vintage typewriters and cool decor, pretending that I can afford something or 10 things. If I could, I would fill my whole closet with AllSaints. The clothes (and the way they are presented) remind me a little of The Kooples brand, which I discovered during my study abroad in Paris. Surprisingly, I heard from multiple French people that The Kooples is just a trendy, overly expensive, highly-hyped brand that young people fawn over. I love AllSaints because, though it's pricey, it's also top quality and beautifully marketed. Sigh.