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I-D Summer 2014

I picked up the latest issue of I-D in Barnes & Noble the other day, after drooling at every page, and it just reminded me of how rare that feeling is these days. I'll always enjoy the OG fashion bibles (albeit, on more of a surface level), but there are few magazines that actually excite me and leave me inspired. I've never bought or even fully read an issue of I-D, which is pretty surprising considering my compulsive glossy obsession, so I can't wait to read this one cover to cover. This makeup ed is pure GOLD.

 photo gxl_5373a3f6-c284-4399-b019-46560a771fd0.jpg  photo gxl_5373a3ce-66bc-425a-ab65-46520a771fd0.jpg  photo gxl_5373a40d-596c-458b-9fd1-46510a771fd0.jpg  photo gxl_5373a353-9848-4fe7-86c3-46540a771fd0.jpg  photo gxl_5373a3b7-5cf0-4d85-b20d-46540a771fd0.jpg  photo gxl_5373a3df-682c-4cd9-84a6-46540a771fd0.jpg  photo gxl_5373a33c-f188-442b-aea2-46540a771fd0.jpg  photo gxl_5373a369-34f0-4fcb-8173-58ee0a771fd0.jpg Photos via The Fashionography

Juliana Schurig and Carla Ciffoni, photographed by Nick Dorey.