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No Regrets

I recently read an interview with fashion designer Emerson Fry on The Everygirl, which left me thinking about dedication and living with no regrets. Her work ethic and perspective on life is inspiring, and she just seems like a pretty cool person overall. My favorite parts..

What would people be surprised to learn about you?
Not sure. Perhaps that, other than Ryan, I prefer complete solitude. When our sweet buyers come up to me in public, I am actually quite shy, albeit very honored and always taken aback by how beautiful our women are. But in life I generally love the runner’s wave. You know the one? It’s an unspoken and meaningful gesture of mutual appreciation while traveling swiftly on.

What advice would you give to your 25-year-old self?
I try not to look backwards, since there is not much I can do about that. I would just watch her.

On the note of inspiring women, 101-year-old Bel Kaufman is just that. Her article in Vogue covers her career as an English teacher (a title that she still very much holds, mind you) and the obstacles that she had to overcome to get where she is today. It's a must read!

 "I've lived a long time, a very long time, 101 years, and I'm still here. I'm done with the doubts and struggles and insecurities of youth. I'm finished with loss and guilt of regret...I had many problems and disasters in my life; fortunately, at my age, I don't remember what they were. I'm glad I am 101."


Got Sole?

Photobucket Photobucket

It's easy to take fashion a little too seriously at times, so seeing designers have some fun with their creations is pleasantly surprising. Everyone could benefit from a little wit and whimsy in their wardrobe, which is why I had to share these unique finds. The A.N.D bag is undeniably cute to boot, and BONUS, it can stand on its own! And who wouldn't want a cute keyhole or domino dangling from their wrist?


Capes and Converse

It's safe to say that, in this new digital fashion era, fashion closet photography is rivaling street style photography for the spotlight. With many similar high fashion shots of posh clothing and accessories and luxe interiors cropping up (it has really become a formula, hasn't it?), it's extremely refreshing to see a small glimpse into the life of the very stylish yet humble 12-year-old. This well-spoken, oh-so charming girl just so happens to play Sally Draper in Mad Men. After hearing her say "petticoat" and learning that she wears Chloé Kids, trust me, you'll want to be her best friend.


Link Love

I wish I had the new Mac OS almost solely because of its Reading List feature. One of my favorite things to do online is click on link after link, feeding my brain highly intellectual information, such as The Cut's witty remarks about fashion editorials. Other noteworthy links...

Le Look Du Jour: 24 Modern French Muses
I can't recall ever not feeling intrigued and enthralled by French people.

All the Fall 2012 Campaigns, So Far

Studio Tour: Derek Lam's Weekend in Soho

Too Sincere for the Internet? How the Web Journal Thought Catalog Sparked an Online Firestorm
I'm still trying to figure out the reason I didn't get into Thought Catalog sooner. Laziness, I suppose? In any case, so many of the articles resonate with me and make me say, "that's SO true" (aloud in exasperation), as I'm sure they do with countless others, considering the site's impressive popularity. There is a certain satisfaction in reading things that so deeply apply to your own life, your own thought process, etc.

Six Industry Vets Share Their Tips For Success
Great advice from the likes of Cynthia Rowley, Alexis Bittar, and others. As an intern myself, I love reading sage advice from successful people.

Rich Kids of Instagram
Maybe you've heard of it? Pages of shallow, yet oddly addictive.


The Bandit Beauty

This lookbook for The 2 Bandits has a Western glamour to it that makes me want to wrap myself in a worn denim shirt and take a walk somewhere away from city static. I love The 2 Bandits because it's not wildly expensive like you initially think it is. The jewelry is just so good.



What a Betty

Happy Weekend!

I can't wait to decompress from this week by going to the beach and spending time with friends. Hopefully it's sunny enough to get a little color! What are your plans for the weekend?

In honor of summer and having somewhat of an excuse to be lazy, I've decided to share some links that I love...

+ TED Ed is an interesting site from the popular TED, for those searching for some enlightenment, inspiration, or motivation (so.. everyone?)

+ If you haven't heard of DJ Mike D, then look no further for a new summer playlist of great remixes

+ Australian Sarah Wilson writes one of my favorite blogs about living healthier and being happier, among other interesting topics.

+ Kimberly Snyder is my favorite nutritionist, mostly because she's the only one I know of. She ahs written a ton of articles about eating for health and beauty, as well as a book that I'm pretty smitten with.. not to mention she has worked people like Hilary Duff, Jenna Dewan, and Channing Tatum. Need I say more?


Tie Dye High

If this lookbook for LF doesn't make you giddy for all things summer, what will?


Brights in Sight

To state the obvious, I've been on a little hiatus from this blog. Now that summer has arrived, though, the creative spark is back and ideas are floating around in my head. A lot has changed in the past few months, and it has been a whirlwind since I came back from Paris. I'm happy here in Los Angeles, with so much culture right at my fingertips. I have so many places that I want to explore here, and this blog is the perfect place to document them. Although The Soph-isticate is fashion-focused, I hate to label it as a fashion blog, simply because I have various interests and plans for this blog.

That said.. I thought a summer post should warrant a summer wish list. In my effort to stray from the neutral basics that I am so devoted to, I made sure to include plenty of brights!

(Mara Hoffman bikini, Paige jeans, Elizabeth & James denim shirt, Warby Parker sunglasses, Kate Spade clutch, Topshop sandals, Tucker silk blouse, DVF wedges, Thakoon for Nars nail polish)


New York Fashion Week Roundup Part 2

Due to exhaustion brought on by piles of schoolwork and interning (though I'm not complaining), this post is at least a few weeks late. Although these collections are not new to fashion enthusiasts, I loved them so much that I had to document them somehow. Enjoy!

The exquisite lines and careful placement of color at BCBG made the Fall collection truly pop. Sheer fabrics were obviously seen in many collections, but I appreciate Max Azria's unique twist on the trend. The transparent vertical strip down the torso makes for quite an interesting look, flattering and the perfect amount of sexy.

I admire Diane von Furstenberg for many reasons, her outstanding ability to make a woman look desirable, confident, and powerful being just one. She and Max evidently had the same idea of how to incorporate a sheer element to their clothes. I'm loving the compliment of white on top of the texture of tweed, as well as the electric hues worthy of Andy Warhol's pop art. In fact, the cherry red skirt reminds me so much of my new nailpolish color, Essie's lollipop. As for the plum purple dress, is it possible NOT to picture Victoria Beckham strutting along in this ensemble, sunglasses and all??

It shouldn't come as a surprise that The Row always tops my list of favorite collections. The impeccable care and craftsmanship that Ashley (Mary-kate as well, but The Row has always been Ashley's project) puts into the clothes is always very apparent and appreciated by many. Although every piece from the label runs for more than I can imagine being able to afford, a girl can dream, right?

I have to admit, I was unaware of Tadashi Shoji until this year, when I discovered Octavia Spencer's loyalty to this incredibly talented man. His gowns are like nothing I've seen before, with their exquisite embroidery details, fairytale-like chiffon, and beautiful silhouettes. I would die to wear either of the first two top looks, and the gold dress would make for a perfect awards dress. Tadashi, you have outdone yourself.

The Rodarte girl is always fearless, dreamy, and charming. Who can forget the video of Elle Fanning dancing around in an abandoned house in none other than Rodarte? (If you haven't seen it, go watch it now!) I especially love the earth tones and the makeup in this particular collection. Here, the Rodarte girl looks like a vintage-loving sojourner who is happiest when exploring off-the-map places.


Adorn Yourself

Who says you can't wear chunky necklaces during the warmer months? Try wearing one with a pop of unexpected color to brighten up a grey tee.

(Images via Tumblr and the man repeller)


New York Fashion Week Roundup Part 1

My favorite Prabal looks are undoubtedly the more monochromatic of the bunch. He turned out some definite stunners, all of which showcase excellent tailoring and flawless lines. Prabal reworked the spring trend of sheer fabrics into his fall collection, which I think immediately gives the pieces a darker seductive quality. It also doesn't hurt that these specific looks remind of black swan vs. white swan; the eye makeup only intensifies this effect. The beautiful dresses remind me of THIS amazing moment. Well done Prabal.

Jason Wu's modern, China-inspired collection consists of an extensive color palette, ranging from olive green to aubergine, gold to hot pink. I love the silhouettes he creates, my favorite look being the very top right. Militaristic and conservative on the top but sexy on the bottom. He balances his pieces extremely well.

I can't help but be amazed with a show that mixes a great deal of head-to-toe black with luxurious shocks of color. Donna Karan expertly created numerous all black looks that screamed neither overdone nor mundane. The flared skirts add the perfect touch of polish while the brilliant blue and fuschia dresses give a rare spark to the fall season. There seemed to be a great deal of fuschia and maroon on the runways this fashion week.
Rag & Bone has the boho chic globetrotter aesthetic down to a tee. Designers David Neville and Marcus Wainwright now have me lusting after a striped wrap sweater like the one in the second image from the left. Their lack of fear of mixing unexpected patterns and colors paid off significantly. The fall collection is not only unique, but also transformative; the clothes give the models a curious mystique along with an abundance of unwavering confidence.