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New York Fashion Week Roundup Part 1

My favorite Prabal looks are undoubtedly the more monochromatic of the bunch. He turned out some definite stunners, all of which showcase excellent tailoring and flawless lines. Prabal reworked the spring trend of sheer fabrics into his fall collection, which I think immediately gives the pieces a darker seductive quality. It also doesn't hurt that these specific looks remind of black swan vs. white swan; the eye makeup only intensifies this effect. The beautiful dresses remind me of THIS amazing moment. Well done Prabal.

Jason Wu's modern, China-inspired collection consists of an extensive color palette, ranging from olive green to aubergine, gold to hot pink. I love the silhouettes he creates, my favorite look being the very top right. Militaristic and conservative on the top but sexy on the bottom. He balances his pieces extremely well.

I can't help but be amazed with a show that mixes a great deal of head-to-toe black with luxurious shocks of color. Donna Karan expertly created numerous all black looks that screamed neither overdone nor mundane. The flared skirts add the perfect touch of polish while the brilliant blue and fuschia dresses give a rare spark to the fall season. There seemed to be a great deal of fuschia and maroon on the runways this fashion week.
Rag & Bone has the boho chic globetrotter aesthetic down to a tee. Designers David Neville and Marcus Wainwright now have me lusting after a striped wrap sweater like the one in the second image from the left. Their lack of fear of mixing unexpected patterns and colors paid off significantly. The fall collection is not only unique, but also transformative; the clothes give the models a curious mystique along with an abundance of unwavering confidence.

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