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Carrie and the Clothes

 photo carriediaries.jpg When I first heard about The Carrie Diaries, I knew I would start watching it. My longstanding love for The CW combined with the show's focus on a stylish, young, writer-to-be (not to mention based partially in New York City) pretty much says it all. I watched Sex and the City and, like so many teens and twenty-somethings, I loved it, but now when I catch reruns, I'm less enamored. I'm not exactly sure why, but let's face it. Carrie can be kind of annoying.

Well, I'm happy to report that Anna Sophia Robb plays an endearing, adorable Bradshaw in the prequel series. The pilot instantly had me hooked. It's refreshing to watch a show set in the '80s about self-assured teens who aren't addicted to nicotine yet. In honor of this wildly satisfying show (and in an effort to pull myself out of the white/black/gray monochromatic style I've got going on), I culled an array of '80s-cool pieces below.

 photo carriediaries2.jpg Abstract Sailboats Neckerchief $38 
C Coin Purse $22.25 
Holographic Nails in Moondance $12 
Magic Liner in Engraved $14 
Blair Satchel $50 
Jersey Varsity A Bomber Jacket $90 
Square Vintage Post Earring $14 
Keds x Kate Spade New York Champion Shoes $75 
ASOS HALLOW Suede High Heel Sandals $127.16 
Love Note Dress $69.99 
Dinosaur Print Sweatshirt $35.90