November 2013The Soph-isticate: November 2013


Stay Hungry

Some post-Thanksgiving advice from the late Steve Jobs. Stay hungry, stay foolish. Hungry for life and turkey and gravy sandwiches. Mmm I love the holidays. Have a great weekend!


The Making of a Mood Board

I've always been enamored with mood boards because (1) they reveal a little about where the makers get their creative spark and (2) they make me want to feverishly flip through magazines and start collaging like crazy. And evidently, talk like a pre-teen girl. Pass me the washi tape.

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Cheeky Collar

Ever since I saw Danielle of We Wore What wearing this Reformation top, I've been obsessed. Unfortunately it's sold out, but here's hoping they'll get more back in stock. There's really something to be said for blunt delivery.

 photo fuckoff.jpg


These Streets Will Make You Feel Brand New

Around the time I started collecting stacks on stacks of magazines and realizing that I wanted to work in fashion, I formed this dream of moving to New York. Sound familiar? Yeah, well, I guess it's a cliché for a reason. New York has occupied my mind on a daily basis since high school, like a crush you can't stop thinking about. Except now it's more like a love affair. After years and years of daydreaming, I finally made the trip to the city that never sleeps. My only regret of the visit is that I slept too much. But it was incredible, just as I'd imagined. Leaving wasn't easy, but I can't stay away for too long. Street lights, big dreams, all lookin' pretty. Jay's not kidding.

Brick buildings, crisp air, Central Park, fall leaves, BOMB FRICKIN BAGELS. What's not to love?