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Wear a Moment


These unique silk scarves are the product of a collaboration between accessories designer Phillipe Roucou and artist M. Chérie. The duo draws inspiration for their collections, fittingly named Objets Trouvés, from various found polaroids. Images ranging from a cityscape to wrinkled bed sheets, exemplify familiar, everyday moments. The pictures aren't obvious when tied around your neck, but I think that just adds to the mystique! Prices for the pretty things are upwards of $200 unfortunately, so it looks like I won't be donning one any time soon.


The Obligatory Clutch Post


Everyone's doing it...

No, that's not why I posted these photos of clutches. At least not completely. Like many other style bloggers, I am coveting these more compact alternatives to shoulder bags. I haven't actually bought one yet because I can't decide which one I like best and can also afford. Also, as much as I love looking at the drool-worthy options, somehow it's difficult to justify the not very practical purchase. Don't get me wrong, I think a clutch is great for going to dinner, on simple errands, or to a party, but I keep thinking I would get annoyed not having my hands free. I'm sure I will cave, though, because something so classic is definitely not a regrettable buy.


(Clutches: Céline, Clare Vivier, garypeppervintage, asos, Alexander Wang, tumblr)




Minimalism is timeless. The understated look sometimes makes more of a statement than does a chaos of clothing.