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Two Takes on White

Natalia Alaverdian
Elin Kling


Style Stalking at PFW

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As I am studying abroad in Paris this semester, I took the opportunity to go wander around the Tuileries during fashion week, in the hopes of catching a glimpse of some style purveyors. I was one among many itching for a perfect shot, but mostly I enjoyed reveling in the joy that comes from such direct style inspiration (a much-needed respite from photos). Being in close proximity to this magnificent, renowned thing we call "fashion week" gave me the best kind of butterflies. I better understood that the exhausted phrase, "the fashion world," emphasis on "world," really does carry significance.

Since then, I have (physically, at least) re-entered the more mundane world that consists of homework, mid-terms, and cold weather. C'est la vie!



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Currently loving Sasha Pivarova's cover and editorial in the October issue of Vogue Paris. I thought it was fitting to post, as I am currently studying abroad in the city of lights, and I picked up a copy of Vogue the other day for 5 EUROS (about $7)! One of the many perks of living here... 
Next up, a few photos I snapped during Paris Fashion Week. Obviously I didn't attend any shows, but I definitely stood around in awe of all the fabulous people that did.

(Images via fashiongonerogue)


Thunder Perfect Prada

This short film, an ad campaign for Prada's fragrance, has been a favorite of mine for some time, due to its stunning visuals (Daria included, of course), inspiring poetic narration, and subdued yet powerful mood. There is something irresistible about it. Although it was released in 2005, the video still makes me giddy each time I watch it.


Pretty in Pink

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I went to Bottega Louie shortly before I left L.A. because I had been wanting to go for a while. The store windows, not to mention the bakery/restaurant itself, was cuter than I imagined. I almost felt like I had been transplanted to Paris (soon! I leave for the macaroon-famed city in a week). I got myself two macaroons and I couldn't refrain from eating one before I took these photos.. yes, they were that good. I bought the pink cupcake for my sister because she was sick at the time. Obviously the typical gesture would be chicken noodle soup, but she likes pink so much that I felt it was necessary to stray from the norm.


Wear a Moment


These unique silk scarves are the product of a collaboration between accessories designer Phillipe Roucou and artist M. Chérie. The duo draws inspiration for their collections, fittingly named Objets Trouvés, from various found polaroids. Images ranging from a cityscape to wrinkled bed sheets, exemplify familiar, everyday moments. The pictures aren't obvious when tied around your neck, but I think that just adds to the mystique! Prices for the pretty things are upwards of $200 unfortunately, so it looks like I won't be donning one any time soon.


The Obligatory Clutch Post


Everyone's doing it...

No, that's not why I posted these photos of clutches. At least not completely. Like many other style bloggers, I am coveting these more compact alternatives to shoulder bags. I haven't actually bought one yet because I can't decide which one I like best and can also afford. Also, as much as I love looking at the drool-worthy options, somehow it's difficult to justify the not very practical purchase. Don't get me wrong, I think a clutch is great for going to dinner, on simple errands, or to a party, but I keep thinking I would get annoyed not having my hands free. I'm sure I will cave, though, because something so classic is definitely not a regrettable buy.


(Clutches: Céline, Clare Vivier, garypeppervintage, asos, Alexander Wang, tumblr)




Minimalism is timeless. The understated look sometimes makes more of a statement than does a chaos of clothing.