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Maison Labiche

I first heard about Maison Labiche a couple years ago through Garance (thanks for always introducing me to the cool things, Garance). Friends Jenny and Marie started the Paris-based company in 2010, embroidering soft cotton t-shirts with names of iconic people and phrases they find inspiring. Since then, they've expanded into shirts with embroidered hand gestures and album art, and even a kids line. And the best part is that you can now place custom orders on their website. Très cool, no? Leave it to the French to design the most simple, unique, and covetable closet staple. On a more affordable note, I want to DIY my own sewn tee for Coachella this year. Now I just have to think up the perfect slogan...

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Sunday Succulents

I love a lazy weekend, but recently I've been trying to devote some down time to apartment decorating and cleaning, since there's little time for it during the week. My sister is an expert when it comes to decor DIYs, so we had a succulent day not too long ago, which involved painting flower pots and re-planting some store-bought plants. The perfect thing for my minimalist, mostly white room (succulents are perfect for indoor spaces).

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