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Link Love

I wish I had the new Mac OS almost solely because of its Reading List feature. One of my favorite things to do online is click on link after link, feeding my brain highly intellectual information, such as The Cut's witty remarks about fashion editorials. Other noteworthy links...

Le Look Du Jour: 24 Modern French Muses
I can't recall ever not feeling intrigued and enthralled by French people.

All the Fall 2012 Campaigns, So Far

Studio Tour: Derek Lam's Weekend in Soho

Too Sincere for the Internet? How the Web Journal Thought Catalog Sparked an Online Firestorm
I'm still trying to figure out the reason I didn't get into Thought Catalog sooner. Laziness, I suppose? In any case, so many of the articles resonate with me and make me say, "that's SO true" (aloud in exasperation), as I'm sure they do with countless others, considering the site's impressive popularity. There is a certain satisfaction in reading things that so deeply apply to your own life, your own thought process, etc.

Six Industry Vets Share Their Tips For Success
Great advice from the likes of Cynthia Rowley, Alexis Bittar, and others. As an intern myself, I love reading sage advice from successful people.

Rich Kids of Instagram
Maybe you've heard of it? Pages of shallow, yet oddly addictive.


The Bandit Beauty

This lookbook for The 2 Bandits has a Western glamour to it that makes me want to wrap myself in a worn denim shirt and take a walk somewhere away from city static. I love The 2 Bandits because it's not wildly expensive like you initially think it is. The jewelry is just so good.