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New York Fashion Week Roundup Part 2

Due to exhaustion brought on by piles of schoolwork and interning (though I'm not complaining), this post is at least a few weeks late. Although these collections are not new to fashion enthusiasts, I loved them so much that I had to document them somehow. Enjoy!

The exquisite lines and careful placement of color at BCBG made the Fall collection truly pop. Sheer fabrics were obviously seen in many collections, but I appreciate Max Azria's unique twist on the trend. The transparent vertical strip down the torso makes for quite an interesting look, flattering and the perfect amount of sexy.

I admire Diane von Furstenberg for many reasons, her outstanding ability to make a woman look desirable, confident, and powerful being just one. She and Max evidently had the same idea of how to incorporate a sheer element to their clothes. I'm loving the compliment of white on top of the texture of tweed, as well as the electric hues worthy of Andy Warhol's pop art. In fact, the cherry red skirt reminds me so much of my new nailpolish color, Essie's lollipop. As for the plum purple dress, is it possible NOT to picture Victoria Beckham strutting along in this ensemble, sunglasses and all??

It shouldn't come as a surprise that The Row always tops my list of favorite collections. The impeccable care and craftsmanship that Ashley (Mary-kate as well, but The Row has always been Ashley's project) puts into the clothes is always very apparent and appreciated by many. Although every piece from the label runs for more than I can imagine being able to afford, a girl can dream, right?

I have to admit, I was unaware of Tadashi Shoji until this year, when I discovered Octavia Spencer's loyalty to this incredibly talented man. His gowns are like nothing I've seen before, with their exquisite embroidery details, fairytale-like chiffon, and beautiful silhouettes. I would die to wear either of the first two top looks, and the gold dress would make for a perfect awards dress. Tadashi, you have outdone yourself.

The Rodarte girl is always fearless, dreamy, and charming. Who can forget the video of Elle Fanning dancing around in an abandoned house in none other than Rodarte? (If you haven't seen it, go watch it now!) I especially love the earth tones and the makeup in this particular collection. Here, the Rodarte girl looks like a vintage-loving sojourner who is happiest when exploring off-the-map places.

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