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Chloe Pre-Fall 2014

I love everything about this collection, from the delicious fall color palette to the pointe shoe-like pumps. If I were lucky enough to be clad in Chloé come fall, I would never take off that embroidered red, white and blue check coat (image #5). Ever. And those shoes just look insanely comfortable. If only I could borrow the massive wool, fur-patched winter coat (image #9) for my trip to New York, aka the polar vortex, next week. Really, the only turnoff of this collection is that one of the models looks like she hasn't slept or eaten in weeks. One of the (many) reasons why I could never be a model.

 photo Chloeacute-Pre-Fall-2014-10.jpg  photo Chloeacute-Pre-Fall-2014-1.jpg  photo Chloeacute-Pre-Fall-2014-2.jpg  photo Chloeacute-Pre-Fall-2014-3.jpg  photo Chloeacute-Pre-Fall-2014-4.jpg  photo Chloeacute-Pre-Fall-2014-6.jpg  photo Chloeacute-Pre-Fall-2014-7.jpg  photo Chloeacute-Pre-Fall-2014-8.jpg  photo Chloeacute-Pre-Fall-2014-9.jpg  photo Chloeacute-Pre-Fall-2014-11.jpg  photo Chloeacute-Pre-Fall-2014-12.jpg  photo Chloeacute-Pre-Fall-2014-13.jpg  photo Chloeacute-Pre-Fall-2014-14.jpg  photo Chloeacute-Pre-Fall-2014-15.jpg  photo Chloeacute-Pre-Fall-2014-17.jpg

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