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Safety Pin Style

The safety pin. It's so much more than a last-minute wardrobe malfunction fix (marketing slogan?). I've been noticing people wearing those huge ones in street style photos lately, and it makes me wonder.. where do I get one? Nick Wooster, the king of men's style - scratch that, the king of style - fastens them to his shirt collars. Such a cool signature look. (By the way, I'm so enthralled with all things Nickelson Wooster. Yes, that's his full name.) And then when I saw this photo of a woman at fashion week wearing these big safety pin earrings, I realized, how genius, you can wear them wherever you want and still look downright classy. It's all about how you wear them. Behold.

 photo nick-wooster-hero.jpg
Nick Wooster via

 photo safetypin.jpg
Nick Wooster's safety pin collection / Street style via Tommy Ton

A-household-object-turned-punk-pin-turned-sophisticated-accessory. The safety pin is the greatest thing since sliced bread quinoa.
Shop pins here, here, and here. I read that Nick Wooster first started buying his at RTH Shop in L.A.

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