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Camille Rowe for So It Goes

 photo5572_02_GA_SOITGOES_S02_011_V2.jpg  photo 5572_03_GA_SOITGOES_S07_050_V2A.jpg  photo 5572_04_GA_SOITGOES_S08_135_V2.jpg  photo 5572_05_GA_SOITGOES_S09_197_V2.jpg  photo 5572_06_GA_SOITGOES_S10_145_V3-copy.jpg  photo 5572_07_GA_SOITGOES_S12_043_V2.jpg  photo 5572_08_GA_SOITGOES_S14_114_V2.jpg  photo 5572_10_GA_SOITGOES_S06_096_V3-copy.jpg  photo 5572_11_GA_SOITGOES_S04_084-_V1.jpg  photo 5572_13_GA_SOITGOES_S03_090_V1A.jpg  photo 5572_14_GA_SOITGOES_S05_149_V1.jpg  photo 5572_15_GA_SOITGOES_S06_131_V1A.jpg  photo 5572_16_GA_SOITGOES_S07_004_V1A.jpg  photo 5572_17_GA_SOITGOES_S13_010_V3A-copy.jpg  photo 5572_18_GA_SOITGOES_S15_129_V2-copy.jpg
One of my favorite editorials so far this year. Camille Rowe shot by Guy Aroch for So it Goes Magazine. Isn't she stunning? Follow her on Instagram here. I need that Oui/Non shirt..

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