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Why... Cape Your Coat?

The first few times I saw it, I thought, hmm, okay, you're probably in a hurry or maybe you're kind of cold but not really freezing. MAYBE you don't want to sweat under a heavy coat, in which case, I totally get it. But once so many people started jumping on the bandwagon that it became a gigantic commercial cruise ship (albeit feigning a sort of glamorous elegance the way Carnival commercials show splendor and smiling faces), I started asking, why? I'm referring to the now-ubiquitous coats worn as capes trend, splashed on the shoulders of fashion's leading ladies and street style stars alike.

 photo capesascoats.jpg

I've seen coat draping before, and I realize it has this kind of regal-looking quality, but I would like to know the reason for all of these disappearing arms. Because once this initially casual look became a trend, it lost its luster. Quickly. Perhaps these people wish to show off their outfits but need a coat in case of unpredictable weather. Or maybe they want to appear effortless and important (after all, someone who can't stop to put their arms through sleeves must be affluential). In any case, this "style" just looks silly and tired. And cold! The woman third from the right doesn't look too happy, and I'm not surprised, as she's caping her coat in the SNOW. Case in point: sleeves are your friend.

 photo capesascoats2.jpg

Look, guys do it too!

 photo mancape.jpg

Seriously, people. If you want your arms more mobile (as opposed to more constricted, which is how they must feel under a coat), wear a cape. Take a note from the always stunning Ulyana Sergeenko.

 photo ulyana.jpg
Image credits: Vogue, Vanessa Jackman, Style.com, Harper's Bazaar, Vanessa Jackman, The Sartorialist

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  1. it just looks sophisticated but it's def not practical